Deep Spot Orgasm

The deep spot is located at the very back of the vaginal wall, beside the cervix. Most people assume that the deep spot is the same as the G-spot; however, it is just a misconception. Although it works similar to the G-spot, being a highly sensitive area located within women’s vaginas and being responsible for multiple, intense orgasms, it is not as well known on account of its tricky location. The deep spot is one of the most sensitive areas in the vagina, which when appropriately stimulated, can cause women to experience extreme vaginal orgasms. Read on to know more about the deep spot.

The deep spot can be defined as being “the cavity of the cervix” and was discovered by self-proclaimed seduction expert David Shade. The deep spot is located in the deepest part of the vagina just before the cervix, and consists of two distinct areas – the front and the back. Its front is located along the front wall of the vagina, and the back is located at a slightly deeper area along the rear wall due to this area of the vagina being a little tilted.

To locate the deep spot, insert your middle finger up to 3.5-4.5 inches into the vagina, moving along the front wall. Most of this area will feel spongy, until you get to a smoother region located just before the cervix. The cervix will feel like the tip of a nose or a button upon touch. If you reach the cervix, move further downwards, as the deep spot is located just before this part. The deep spot region will feel like the rim of a Frisbee, and can be stimulated using a curved hook shaped finger. Use firm pressure on your finger during stimulation, and try using two fingers for more stimulation, if required. You can alternate between long and short strokes during the deep spot’s stimulation. You can even get the woman on her hands and knees and insert your fingers from the back, along the back wall of the vagina, continuing to go as deep as possible.

You can also access a woman’s deep spot when she lies on her back, by using both your middle finger and the index finger, spread an inch apart, and rubbing firmly against the front portion of this region. Keeping her legs up helps raise this region and allows you to penetrate more deeply into the woman’s vagina. Since the deep spot is located well within the vagina, aim for maximum possible penetration for easier access.

The whole region around the deep spot is highly erogenous and as you move your fingers around, women can experience very intense lubrication and arousal. Massaging the back of the deep spot simulates the actions that occur when a woman orgasms. Massaging the entire deep spot region essentially causes muscle contractions which occur during the orgasm, and results in dilation of the cervix. These muscles naturally continue to contract even after an orgasm for a significant period of time, and gradually wane in intensity.